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june 12, 2020

Meet Smartmi – Clean Air by Xiaomi

Smartmi is the luxury brand of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, specializing in air purification and conditioning. The company’s uniqueness lies in the way its products and devices are designed to be in constant communication with one another, creating a kind of “smart home” based on the company’s products. Being part of the Xiaomi family, Smartmi DNA is based on technological innovation, striving for excellence and extraordinary sophistication in both the design and user-accessibility of its products.

Some numbers:

Smartmi was established five years ago and has 200 employees. In 2019 alone, the company’s revenue was over half a billion dollars and it now has a market value of about $1 billion.

The company’s products

Among the company’s products you can find a range of items that purify or condition the air, among them heaters, standing fans, ventilation systems, humidifiers and more. Thanks to the innovation of its products, Smartmi has won the prestigious Good Design Gold Award; the first Chinese company to do so.

The company integrates quite a lot of artificial intelligence into its products, such as voice commands, which makes them especially user-friendly and comfortable. In this way, for instance, the voice-activated control unit can simultaneously control the humidity, air purification and temperature in the room.


Smartmi Air Purifier

Smartmi’s air purifier focuses on more efficient, fast-paced cleaning. The performance of the device’s CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate – is stronger than ever, and it also specializes in cleaning formalin out of the air. The purifier displays excellent cleaning abilities in spaces as large as 48 square meters and it efficiently removes pollens, germs, viruses and other harmful materials.

A few main features:

  • Laser sensor – a sensor which allows purifying even the lightest air pollution. The laser’s high accuracy level can identify even the tiniest particles in the air and monitor changes made to air quality in real time.
  • Environmental sensor –a sensor which monitors the temperature and humidity in the air. The purifier’s automatic mode recognizes changes, and will instantly set the purifier in motion.
  • Volatile organic compound sensor –a sensor which monitors organic volatile compounds in real time, which could arrive from a new carpet, furniture, etc. This sensor visually checks the environment and sends alerts to your smartphone in case of excess.
  • Easy-to-use LED touch display – the device is comfortably controlled via the touch screen activation button, which presents all the relevant information, including the device’s mode and more. A three-colored ring reflects the quality of air in the space to the user.
  • Remote/hand gesture activation – comfortable activation, no switches or buttons, only hand gestures, thanks to the device’s built-in motion senor. Each movement, right or left, up or down, has an activation action attached to it and will be initiated accordingly.
  • Efficient H13 filter – an anti-viral, anti-mold, anti-bacterial filter that efficiently removes pollens, bacteria, viruses and more. Inside the filter is a large quantity of effective coal, which removes formalin, volatile organic compounds and odors from the space.
  • Anti-microbial mold-resistant coating – up to 99.9% disinfection, virus removal, streptococcus removal, e-coli removal, flue removal and more.


Smartmi’s humidifier

Smartmi has a series of humidifiers intended for every season. In the summer, when the air is very dry due to the heat and intense sun, we are exposed to quite a lot of infections in the air; the mucous membranes that dry out in the nose serve as fertile soil for germs and bacteria, and the only solution for that is inserting external humidity into the air we breathe on a regular basis. Even in the winter, we tend to have the same issue since being in closed spaces with external heat (air-conditioning or heater) causes the same kind of dryness, allowing germs to flourish. The humidifiers are here to enrich the air in the space we are in with optimal humidity, keeping us healthy all year long.

The humidifiers have several main features:

Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier

  • A 4-liter water container – easy to clean and rinse.
  • Easy and quiet activation at especially low decibels so as not to keep you from sleeping.
  • Automatic, odor-free water evaporation –even when the water level is low, the evaporation continues.
  • Automatic water level identification.
  • Vaporizes 240 ml of water in an hour, on average – enough for a room up to 36 square meters.
  • A water level indicator light.
  • Convenient touch panel with an indicator light and selection buttons.

Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier 2

  • A 4-liter water container – easy to clean and rinse.
  • Voice control and a designated application for easy and convenient to control remotely.
  • Vaporizes 260 ml of water an hour, on average –up to 15 hours of humidifying on the device’s highest setting.
  • Efficient up to 99%.
  • Smart digital display monitor.


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