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august 25, 2020

Airnanny – The Innovative Air Purifiers That Will Help You Keep Your Children Healthy

We are interested in maintaining our health and even more importantly – our children’s, which is why polluted water or filthy food are not things we would not put in our bodies, or our children’s. Why is it, then, that when it comes to the quality of the air our children breathe, most of us do not give it another thought? Meet Airnanny: an air purification system that will provide your children with clean and healthy breathing air.

Air pollution has long been considered the silent plague which takes quite a toll. Various research has found that the death rate in highly polluted areas is 20% higher compared to areas in which the air is cleaner, and the World Health Organization has stated that polluted air should be regarded as a health risk factor, just like high blood pressure, smoking and high cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, air pollution is not a phenomenon that only characterizes the public space. In fact, it is a phenomenon 5 times more common in closed structures, both public and private, for a variety of reasons – such as mold spores in the walls, air conditioners and the CO2 we emit into the room during the breathing process.

What are the risks of inhaling polluted air?

Inhaling polluted air might cause a range of health issues – some extremely severe and even irreparable. Various allergens, gases, chemicals and mold spores might settle in the body for years and cause quite a bit of damage and destruction that might manifest in certain phenomena or diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, skin diseases, weakened immune systems, bronchitis, chronic coughing, trouble breathing, chronic damage to the lung and, in severe cases, even death. It is important to remember that while air pollution is dangerous for all people, when it comes to our children’s bodies –even weaker and more vulnerable than ours – the danger becomes greater and much more imminent. Airnanny’s purpose is to protect your children from these exact dangers and ensure that they will enjoy clean and quality air – to support their health and not sabotage it.

What is the Airnanny device series?

Airnanny is a quality air purifier designed to fill your children’s rooms with clean air free of various pests. There are two devices in the series, the A7 and H11, including an innovative air purification system which contains an array of unique functions such as temperature, humidity and CO2 level checks – while maintaining the right levels throughout the day; ventilating the room; cleaning the air of pests such as gases, dust, bacteria, viruses and allergens, etc. Controlling all these elements allows us to ensure not only the health of our children, but also the functions of their various bodily systems, such as the digestive system, respiratory system and even their secretion systems.


Air purifier and humidifier in one device

Both the AIrnanny A7 and the AIrnanny H11 have a variety of abilities and functions beyond maintaining the quality of air in the room. In fact, these two Airnanny devices also contain humidifiers, which keeps the humidity in the room between 50%-70% at all hours of the day. The reason for that is because dry air may cause the mucus membranes to desiccate, which serves as fertile ground for germs and bacteria to enter the body. When the mucus membranes, especially those of the nasal cavity, do not oversecrete or dry out, they are more capable of blocking out various irritants in a more efficient way and, in fact, protect the body. The outcome is that children suffer less from conditions such as stuffed noses, can sleep better and suffer fewer colds or wintertime diseases. The water in the humidifier is regularly sanitized using an ultraviolet light, which cleans 98.8% of the microbes in the water even before it is fed into the humidifier.

Why are Airnanny devices so suitable for children’s rooms?

The Airnanny devices fit any space, but were especially designed for children’s rooms, mostly due to the fact that at these ages the body develops and grows, and supporting these processes with clean air is extremely important. The device is made of quality LG Chem-type plastic, which is BPA-free and does not release any toxins. The device can also be wall-mounted, doesn’t contain holes or cavities that can have fingers inserted into them, and access is restricted by strong metal bars, preventing the children from touching it or causing any damage to it or themselves.

The air purification stages

The Airnanny device purifies the air in a given space in seven stages:

  • Bringing clean air into the room, even when the windows are closed – the Airnanny system can completely replace the air in rooms that are 20 square meters, within 20 minutes.
  • Reducing the CO2 levels in the room to the allowed level and operating “air filtering” mode when it is done.
  • Gauging the temperature, humidity and CO2 regularly, and maintaining set and proper values.
  • Filtering incoming air from the outside using an advanced and washable filter which neutralizes irritants such as coarse dust and soot.
  • Filtering the air using the unique BabyCare filter, especially made for babies, which filters out irritants like fine dust, dangerous tiny particles, allergens, viruses, germs, odors and more.
  • Filtering the air using another filter, the CARBON Active Cellular, which filters out emission gases, formaldehyde, industrial emissions, odors and more.
  • Using a hot and cold humidifier, which mixes with the air and does not cause the room’s humidity to rise too high. The device also contains an air heating function – without “burning” the oxygen in the room, so the air remains clean and has no “burnt” smell.


Airnanny – the best choice for your children’s rooms

As you can see, Airnanny is determined to keep your children healthy via any parameter that can be controlled. The Airnanny series of products contains a range of innovative and advanced functions that will not only help you keep your children healthy in the long and short term, but will also provide them with better quality of life, just as they deserve.

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