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june 12, 2020

Meet Puresys – The Leading Company for Treating Air Pollution

Why Puresys?

Puresys is a company set on guaranteeing a cleaner environment and better quality of air that we breathe, using high-quality, ecological and sustainable products. With a patent in air purification to its name, the company has won a wide range of awards and certificates, including the Ecological Design Award for company products ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, initiative and innovation certificates, and more. All these and more position the company and its products as leaders in their field.

Puresys products

חברת Puresys מספקת ללקוחותיה מטהרי אוויר חדשניים ואיכותיים, המותאמים למגוון של חללים וצרכים שונים:

  • Portable air purifier – an air purifier that helps neutralize common pollutants in vehicles or small spaces, such as cigarette smoke, gasses, etc.
  • Built-in air purifier – an immobile air purifier installed on the ceiling which defuses pollutants, especially those common in closed spaces.
  • Wall-mounted air purifier – an air purifier that can be hung on the wall and taken off, adjusted for various spaces – especially small ones.
  • Standing air purifier –a floor-standing air purifier that can easily be moved around. Such an air purifier suits temporary or large houses since it can be moved from one room to another as needed, maintaining clean and purified air in whatever space we currently occupy.

Puresys technology

Puresys’ air purifiers are based on innovative Air Magic technology, which fights pollutants such as germs, viruses, gasses and dangerous chemicals, breaking them down and simultaneously purifying the air in the room and neutralizing bad odors. All of the company’s products contain quality air filters that filter the air in 14 different steps, as well as UV and titanium oxide lamps that get rid of germs or dangerous materials in the air. Thus the company’s technology not only allows it to purify the air, but keeps it clean for longer as well.

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