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august 25, 2020

Meet the TION Group

The air we breathe is the most important thing to us, yet we sometimes do not realize how often we are exposed to polluted air – at home, at the office, clinics or hospitals, supermarkets or even when we go out to eat. However, despite the immense global danger in prolonged exposure to air pollution, we do not insist on the quality of air we breathe the way we insist on the quality of food we consume or the water we drink.

Clean and quality air is key for good health and feeling well, and striving to achieve the cleanest air possible is the Tion group’s main goal – a group that specializes in research and development, manufacturing and selling air purifiers and sanitizers.

The group, in all its various divisions, has been active for 14 years, manufacturing ventilation, air purification and sterilization devices with quality and smart technology, and energetic, economic and efficient operation, for both the private and public sectors.


Some numbers

The group was established in 2006 and now employs more than 200 people. The company has offices in Novosibirsk, Moscow, China and Slovakia, with its headquarters located on the scientific campus in Novosibirsk. To this day, the company has manufactured and sold over 50,000 units of its products worldwide.

Tion’s timeline:

2006: A group of scientists establish the Tion Group in Siberia.

2007: A patent is registered for Tion’s unique air purification technology and the pilot is underway.

2010: Commercial manufacturing of professional air purifiers for medical centers, hotels, food and space industries.

2012: A new concept called “Smart Micro-Climate Control” is created in the Tion offices.

2014: The first series of Tion Breezer O2 and Tion’s series of smart air purifiers are released to the market.

2015: Tion opens a plant in Russia.

2016: Tion opens a sales office in East Asia.

2017: The MagicAir smart micro-climate system is launched, alongside its new application.

2018: The Breezer 3S device and new Tion O2 Mac device are launched.

2019: The Tion Lite and the Tion Remote application are launched.

2020: Tion enters the American market.

So what actually happened in that time?

Simply put, Tion grew from a small start-up to a group of companies with a global reputation in Russia, while making sure it maintains the energy and spirit of a group of young and passionate scientists who share the same vision. Tion’s goal is to create a change in how people around the world approach the health and resources at their disposal in order to significantly improve the quality of their lives. To achieve this goal, Tion has been manufacturing innovative, highly-efficient and functional products that stand at the forefront of current technology, in order to make the lives of their customers safer, whether at home or in the office, by breathing better-quality air.

Furthermore, the Tion Group continues to conduct innovative and groundbreaking research, renewing and improving its products, and is open to constant dialogue, exchanges of information and suggestions from all parties concerned when it comes to improvement of existing products or ideas for new ones.


Tion’s markets

Tion provides solutions for both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, the MagicAir systems steps in, providing daily ventilation solutions for homes and offices, and in the public sector it offers a variety of solutions with professional devices and engineering solutions for medical centers and hospitals, social institutions, industry factories, restaurants and newly-constructed buildings.

Tion’s products for the private market

TION currently markets six main products, among them compact ventilation systems for domestic or office spaces, and smart climate control systems that communicate with said ventilation systems in a given space, as well as infra-red systems that control air-conditioning in your space, in order to ensure that the climate in the room will always be pleasant and well-ventilated. What all these products have in common is the fact that they all operate using innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable technology, providing clean air 24/7.

Tion Engineering

When it comes to the public sector, the company’s engineering division is responsible for clean air and industrial-strength disinfection in a wide variety of institutions, from operating rooms to your local supermarket.

Cigarette or tobacco smoke, cooking smells, grilling smells, baking smells, and piled garbage smells are all natural byproducts of working in any restaurant, bar or café. As part of opening and managing a food and beverage business, we should address the proper way to defuse these odors and smoke. TION has been manufacturing ventilation solutions for any issue that may occur in the food industry as far as air pollutants goes, within the space and outside it. Using the company’s designated products, there is no need to form ventilation tunnels that go up to the roof, and there is no danger in clients smelling the kitchen, ensuring that the restaurant air will remain clean, fresh and safe.

At present, Tion has provided over 15,000 equipment units to over 1,200 buildings belonging to over 150 clients and partners. TION’s solutions are tailor-made to get you the highest level of air purification and disinfection, especially for medical centers, food chains, food manufacturing factories, restaurants, kindergartens, apartments and offices. Tion’s products can be found in over 25,000 homes and over 1,000 medical centers and factories around the world.

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