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Who are we?

Atmo is an Israeli company that provides advanced technological solutions in air purification. The company views raising awareness of air quality and its influence on the quality and way of life for each and every one of us as an utmost value, with the deep understanding that inhaling polluted air might cause a range of health issues for many people. The company collaborates with the best specialists in the field and has built an advanced array, offering clean airflow solutions for every type of space, for all the company’s clients.

Our Technologies

There are plenty of technologies in the world of air purification. For Atmo, innovation and quality are the cornerstones of the company, which is why we have decided to focus on three main technologies, manufactured by the best companies in the field.

Air purification – Though we all know that outside air pollution is significant, what about the air inside our living space? Some say it is as much as five times more polluted than the air outside. By choosing air purification solutions, you can guarantee breathing fresh air, void of germs, infections, viruses, bacteria, dust, etc. Air purifiers also help you deal with unpleasant odors from sources such as pets, cigarette smoke, soot from the street, etc. Air purifiers will both improve your health and provide the space with a pleasant atmosphere.

Air purification with ventilation – Air purifiers that also include a ventilation system offer all the advantages of cleaning, purifying and odor-neutralizing air fresheners, but with an additional significant advantage – changing and refreshing the stagnant air in the room. The ventilation system allows us to clean and change the air in the room without opening any windows and being subjected to the noise and soot from outside. It also allows us to maintain a room which is warm yet ventilated, without having to open any windows during the winter. These systems are an ideal solution for closed spaces such as residential secure spaces, basements, windowless spaces and more.

Air purification with ventilation and a humidifier – Excessively dry air can cause the human body to be more exposed to the development of germs. Air purification systems that include ventilation and a humidifier include all the advantages we have mentioned, but add that advantage of humidity to the air, preventing it from becoming too dry and unhealthy. Such systems are especially good for children’s rooms since they need that extra health which the the sterilized and cleaned humidifier system provides.

Unparalleled Service

We at Atmo strive to deliver the most useful solution to our clients, at the most attractive prices. To fulfill our service vision, we have planned a series of work processes, as well as service and support channels, which allow our clients to get the best product and service possible – while offering professional accompaniment and thoroughly answering any question or issue in the field of air quality.

A meeting with a company consultant at the client’s home, to better evaluate the situation and offer the best, most efficient and economical solution to your specific needs.

All of the company’s products are delivered to your doorstep and installed by the company, to make sure the work is done as professionally as possible, without any faults or hassle on your end.

Throughout the warranty period, we will make sure to repair our products if need be and return them to you as soon as possible. Even in cases where your warranty has expired, you can always use our advanced labs to repair any of the company’s products.

A thorough cleaning of your air-conditioning system by our best specialists, using quality materials and technologies that will allow for neutralizing irritants that place you in real danger. The cleaning is accompanied by a year-long warranty for air-conditioning systems installed in private spaces, or a six-month warranty for air-conditioning systems installed in public spaces.

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