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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Welcome to the “” website (hence, “Atmo Air Purification Solutions, Inc.”), which owns and manages Atmo Air Conditioning Solutions, Inc., company no. 516200003 (hence, “the company”), email address:, address: 7 Moshe Levi, Rishon LeZiyon.

The website serves as an Internet platform for purchasing advanced technological solutions in the field of air purification.

The format of these Terms of Agreement is such strictly for convenience.

The use of, entrance to and connection to the website serve as confirmation that you have read and consented to be subjected to this agreement and any notifications presented on the website.

By using the website you hereby declare and pledge that you are competent and certified to be contracted in this agreement and, in case of a purchase, you hereby declare that you are at least 18 years of age. If you do not agree to all the above, you are not permitted to access the website and/or use our services.

Since the Terms of Agreement are a legally-binding contract, it is recommended that you thoroughly read it in its entirety!

1.1.“The website” – the website and/or its employees, representatives, website management and/or company and/or anyone acting on their behalf.
1.2.“The users” and/or “website visitors” and/or “customers” – people who visit the website and/or people who have made a purchase using the site, or anyone on their behalf.
1.3.“The services” – anything that is offered on this website.
1.4.“The consumer” or “consumers” – any consumer defined under the Consumer Protection Law (1981)

2. Limited Use License
2.1. Upon compliance with the Terms of Agreement, you are hereby given a limited license to use the services of the website.
2.2. When communicating with the website on behalf of someone else, you must get them up to speed on communication conditions.
2.3. The website reserves the right to not approve the services purchased by the user, in cases where the payment method provided by the user is not approved and/or the user does not fit the terms and/or conditions of using the website and/or there is a computer failure while performing the transaction, and/or there was no conversation with a representative on behalf of the website in order to verify details and/or according to any other applicable law.
2.4. The website and/or those on its behalf are not obligated to save any information provided by you; the responsibility of saving the content and backing it up is entirely up to you.
2.5. It is prohibited to robotically scan the website or make unreasonable use of it.
2.6. You are hereby obligated to provide the website and/or those of its behalf correct information, and avoid misleading, impersonating, defaming, infringing upon privacy or acting against the law.

3. Website and Product Liability Limitations
3.1. The information on the website is given ‘as is’, we do not guarantee precision or accuracy of the information, and it certainly does not serve as a professional opinion. It should be noted that there may be changes to the shade of the products in reality as opposed to what is shown on the website.
3.2. The website reserves the right not to approve the purchase of services by the user, in cases where the payment method provided by the user is not approved and/or the user does not fit the terms and conditions of using the website, or any other applicable law. The website management has the right not to approve orders that were not properly received through its computers.
3.3. The website’s management reserves the right to cancel any action, including the following events: (a) A technical malfunction prevented or disrupted browsing of the website and/or ordering services; (b) illegal actions and/or actions that conflict with this agreement, per the consideration of website management. (c) Any case in which mistaken details were published on the website, including incorrect prices or a lack of stock.
3.4. The website and/or those on its behalf will be allowed to stop the website’s activity at any time, without notice, and do not guarantee the website’s availability.
3.5. The website’s management reserves the right to change the website’s Terms as it sees fit, and any change will apply from the day it was published.
3.6. The website’s management reserves the right to change prices on the website as it sees fit.
3.7. The website’s management reserves the right to change, remove, or omit any content that might be put on the website.
3.8. The website and/or those on its behalf will not be responsible for any malfunctions that involve cyber-attacks, force majeure, intentional/unintentional sabotage, retaliation actions, war, terror attacks, natural disasters, credit company malfunctions and any other reason which does not follow or result from the website’s activity, both in actuality or in case of failure.
3.9. The website may contain links to other websites. These links do not reflect on their content or the reliability of other websites. The website will not be liable for any information or services shown in other websites.
3.10. The website is not liable or will be liable for any content and/or availability of the website’s services and/or associated websites (including the contents provided for publication).
3.11. Responsibility for the products lies solely with the manufacturer. The company does not manufacture the products and, as such, cannot verify their reliability or efficiency.

4. Intellectual Property
4.1. All rights and/or intellectual property on the website and its owners are protected by law, including photos, accounts, headlines, computer codes, themes, objects, characters, names, dialogues, key-sentences, locations, ideas, artistic representations, animations, sounds, musical sections, audio-visual effects, operating methods, client lists, market segmentation, user lists, graphics, etc.
4.2. It is clear that the content on the website is the sole property of the website, unless assigned to another trademark or logo.
4.3. Any copy, photograph, translation, database storage, transmission or any other kind of reception, by any electronic means, whether optical or mechanical, or any other means of commercial use is prohibited, whether in its entirety or in part, and/or creating something derived from the content is strictly prohibited and is, among others, a criminal and civilian offense, and constitutes contractual wrongdoing.
4.4. The trademarks of the commercial companies on the site do not testify to any relation between the site and the owners of the website.

5. Privacy Policy
5.1. You hereby authorize the website and/or those on its behalf to send promotions as mentioned in section 30a of the Telecommunications Law (Bezeq and broadcasts), 1982 in matters pertaining to the website or any other matter. If you are not interested in receiving promotions, please send an e-mail to the address listed in this agreement stating that you are not interested.
5.2. It is hereby clear that the website is allowed to use any information provided by you and that was collected while you were using the website, for marketing and/or commercial purposes and/or in order to match you with the services needed.
5.3. The website will pass along any information it has been provided to a certified legal authority, as required or obligated by law.
5.4. While using the website, the website may collect personal details about you (such as, but not limited to, your name, communication methods, your e-mail address, phone number, etc.) and well as non-personal details (such as, but not limited to, types of devices used, operating system, browser, etc.).
5.5. The website will make use of the collected information in accordance with the instructions of this policy or according to any law, for the following purposes:
5.5.1 Providing the user with a customized experience.
5.5.2 Improving the website or service, for instance, using user feedback.
5.5.3 Dealing with disputes.
5.5.4 Dealing with technical issues.
5.5.5 Sending periodical emails in case the user has chosen to receive them.
5.5.6 Supervising these Terms of Agreement and protecting company rights.
5.5.7 Any other action permitted by law.
5.6. You hereby grant the website permission to store the information provided by you in the website’s database in order to send marketing promotions for the website and/or others.
5.7. Choosing the “Contact Us” button and filling out the required client information (including name, phone number, etc.) in the relevant fields will allow the company to contact the client directly using the aforementioned details.
5.8. The website goes to great lengths to guard and secure the information, but cannot guarantee that the information will be impervious to unauthorized access. By using the website, you hereby approve that you are aware of these limitations and consent to using the website.
5.9. The user may, at any point, submit a request to erase his personal account from the website by sending an e-mail to the above e-mail address. However, the user is hereby informed that erasing the account will not automatically erase their information from the company’s database and that the company reserves the right to use the user’s information in accordance with the law, as well as keep their purchase history.
5.10. You are hereby informed that the website uses “cookies” to identify the device from which you are accessing the website, gather statistical information about your use of it and the website’s performance, and to improve your experience. This information does not reveal your identity and is automatically made via the data-gathering of the website’s logs.
5.11. There is also a Google add-on that guards the site from spam.

6. Payment and Purchase Approval
6.1. The payment page is secured with PCI DSS Level 1.
6.2. Payment to the website is for ordering the products. The price does not include the service given by the service providers and/or the product’s delivery. Delivery costs and time differ according to the user’s place of residence; the costs and time will be provided to the customer once an order authorization is received from the website.
6.3. All prices presented to the user on the sale pages include VAT and may occasionally be changed.
6.4. The prices do not include guarantees for any damage caused to the contents of the customer’s house. The customer is obligated to insure themselves and bear any lawfully-required payments.
6.5. While ordering the services, the user will provide payment method details, personal information of the payment method owner and contact information for the payment method owner, as required.
6.6. The user hereby pledges to provide accurate details regarding themselves and the payment method owners.
6.7. The website is not responsible for any mistakes during credit card transactions resulting from the user inputting wrong/incorrect details. However, should the website become aware of a wrong detail, it will be corrected.
6.8. The user is obligated to use the payment method according to the law and in accordance with the instructions of the payment method owner and/or the provider of the payment method.
6.9. After completing the purchase, an order approval will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer during the order. Only once said e-mail approval is accepted will the transaction be accounted for and binding for both the website and users.
6.10. The customer is obligated to bear all the payments set forth according to the price shown on the website.
6.11. The records of the company and/or those acting on its behalf will serve as alleged evidence of the purchase made by the client.
6.12. All products are entirely owned by the company until full cashing of the payment.

7. Delivery
7.1. It is hereby clear that the cost of delivery is not included in the price of the product presented on the website. Delivery times may vary between products; if the user has purchased two or more products, they will be separately provided, unless the user has asked to receive them together, in which case the company will be obligated to provide the products in accordance to the furthest the delivery date.
7.2. Product delivery times and costs vary according to the destination. The cost of a delivery will be given as an order approval delivered to the e-mail provided by the client.
It is clear that the client is responsible for updating the delivery company and/or website regarding any unique demands, in order to carry out the delivery. The client will bear the necessary costs for those unique demands, in addition to the cost of the delivery.
7.3. Should the client prefer to collect the product(s) themselves, they will only be able to do so from the company’s warehouse or factory, located at __________________________.
7.4. The self-collecting should be coordinated with the website’s offices via phone, at: 03-6422888; once the website and/or company hands the product(s) over to the client at the entrance to the company’s factory or warehouse, the loading of the product(s) will be carried out by the client and/or those on their behalf.
7.5. It should be stressed that there will be no guarantees for company products that were collected and assembled by the client!
7.6. It should be made clear that the website and/or company will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused due to moving or the client’s attempts to install the product(s) on their own. Users beware, installing the website’s products requires technical, professional knowledge, etc. By collecting the product(s) and attempting to install it, the user hereby approves that they have the correct knowledge to do so and should have no claim and/or demand regarding any damage caused in the attempt to install the product.
7.7. The company is not responsible for a product that was moved after being assembled.
7.8. The company is not responsible for any misuse of the products.

8. Limiting the Right to Cancellation and Refund
8.1. Orders o14c and 14c2 of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hence, “Consumer Protection Law”) say the following:

“14c(c) in a remote sale transaction, the consumer is allowed to cancel the transaction in writing – (1) Property – from the day of the transaction until fourteen (14) days from receipt of the property, or from the date of the document containing the details mentioned in subsection (b), according to the later of the two;
8.2. Along with that, order 2 of the Consumer Protection Ordinances, 2010 (hence, “Consumer Protection Ordinances”) states the following:
“2. A consumer may cancel the agreement in accordance with paragraphs (1) to (7) only if the cancellation of the goods transaction is under the condition that the consumer will return the goods to the dealer unharmed and unused by the purchasing consumer; return of the goods in its original package will suffice as evidence that it has not been used –
(1) For the purchase of any goods, as mentioned in details 1 to 6 and 23 of the appendix – within 14 days of receiving the goods; according to items 1 to 3’ 6 and 23 of the appendix, opening the original package in itself will not be considered use or damaging the goods, unless otherwise proven; connecting the goods to electricity, gas or water will be considered, in this regard, as use of the goods;
(2) For the purchase for goods or any other type of goods, as mentioned in item 7 of the appendix – from the day of purchase until the end of the two subsequent days, which are not days of rest, as long as the price label is still on the goods, if there was one, and has not been removed.
8.3. Let there be no doubt – the installation of air purifiers means they were used by the purchasing consumer and therefore – after that point, the transaction cannot be cancelled, since the filters must remain sterile. After installation, they will be rendered unusable.
8.4. It shall also be made clear that the Consumer Protection Law and Ordinances mentioned above are valid only for transactions made with consumers and not commercially. In case of a commercial transaction, cancellation rights expire once the product has left the website offices.
8.5. The abovementioned is provided in order to remove any statement that does not constitute legal advice.

9. Updating Communication Conditions
9.1. The website reserves the right to periodically update the conditions mentioned above, per its exclusive consideration and without notice.
9.2. Any change will apply from the time it is published on the website.

10. Indemnification
10.1. The user obliges to indemnify the website, its employees, managers and those on its behalf for any claim, suit, damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expenditure that might be caused to it, including lawyer fees and legal expenses, due to its violation of these Terms of Agreement or the law.
10.2. In case of a violation of the Terms of Agreement or the law, the website will be allowed to disclose your name and personal information in its position during any legal proceeding or other, even if a court order does not explicitly compel this.

11. Jurisdiction
11.1. Any dispute between the visitor/user/purchaser will be deliberated only in the authorized court of Tel Aviv County, according to Israeli law alone.

12. Messaging the Website and Legal Documentation
12.1. Any messages and/or legal documentation sent to the website will be considered delivered, within 7 business days at the most since they will be sent via registered mail with delivery authorization for the website, situated at 15 Amsterdam, Sderot.
12.2. Providing legal documentation through registered mail or to the visitor and/or user’s doorstep at the address registered on their ID will be considered delivered, even if the addressed party does not permanently live at that address.
12.3. Mail or legal documents sent to the addressee’s address, as registered on their ID, will be considered delivered within 7 business days of its delivery.
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