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august 25, 2020

Here's How You Can Help Your Employees Be More Alert and Productive in the Workplace

Our workplace is often where we spend most of our time and there is no doubt that, for that exact reason, our workplace should be as pleasant and inviting as possible. While most employers believe that this means they have to put money into activities, benefits or even electric scent dispensers around the workspace, it is important to understand that these are pinpoint actions that will not necessarily increase employee alertness and productivity in the long run. So how can you maximize your employees’ performance while at the same time providing them with a pleasant and healthier work environment? By using quality air purifiers.

Why do we need air purifiers in the workplace?

Air pollution is a matter that most people tend to take lightly, but in fact, it is a much more common and dangerous phenomenon than it appears to be. Such pollution can cause a wide range of issues – from lack of focus and headaches to serious respiratory issues and even chronic or severe diseases. Even though many people tend to think that we are exposed to air pollution when outside in the open air, air pollution is in fact a phenomenon that mostly occurs in closed spaces, for a few reasons: gases are emitted into the room, mold spores, dust and more. Furthermore, since structures are naturally closed spaces, they tend to fill up with the CO2 we exhale in our normal breathing process. Inhaling CO2 also has a wide array of negative effects on the human body and prolonged exposure to it can cause CO2 poisoning – a life-threatening condition which is very hard to identify in its early stages.

How do air purifiers affect the achievements of your employees?

Air purifiers not only keep our employees safe, they also substantially increase their awareness and productivity. Breathing clean air help brain functions, and provides invigorating and overall better feelings. These will all manifest in your employees’ mood and output. Beyond that, installing air purifiers in the workplace sends your employee a clear message – their employer cares about them, and is genuinely concerned for their wellbeing.

Atmo’s air purifiers

Atmo is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of space purification. The company has many air purification devices that fit a variety of different spaces. If you are interested in an air purifier for your business, contact us today and our skilled consultants will be happy to be of service to you, and help you choose the air purifier that best suits you.

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